Convoyer vos oeuvres d'art


The journey,
a quest for the absolute

It’s time to depart.
Carefully packaged and perfectly protected, a masterpiece is getting ready to arrive at its new home, whether it is a collector’s residence or a museum that will put it on display. To get there, it may have to cross borders, or even oceans.
Elsewhere, a monumental statue is lifted onto a truck before it sets off to the gallery where it will soon be exhibited.

The means employed to transport each work are part of a quest for the absolute: that of zero-risk. In Europe, the works are transported in climate-controlled trucks equipped with reinforced suspensions for the utmost protection. The vehicles are alarmed and geolocated for optimal security. Outside Europe, long-distance journeys take place by plane, in custom-built crates. Finally, in the destination countries, partners specializing in artworks ensure that the paintings, sculptures and other artistic gems pass through customs smoothly – on all continents.

With Vulcan, all transfers from one place to another are carried out with all of these necessary precautions in place. This ensures that the voyage is a truly superlative experience.

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