L'art en partage

Art to be shared

A passionate conversation with the art world.

Watching over art on a daily basis is such a privilege! Vulcan has taken advantage of its good luck to initiate artistic projects that reflect its passion for art.

One such project is a collaboration with the photographer Anne de Vandière, based on her work with hands. The hands of men and women from ethnic groups with ancestral wisdom encountered on all five continents, or the gestures of artisans from the luxury industry with traditional expertise, her images reflect the artistic approach and commitment she has maintained for several decades.

The humanity of her gaze and the sensitivity conveyed by her photographs provided the impetus for a series designed to showcase the hands that work behind the scenes in Vulcan’s workshops and warehouses. The gestures of the men and women who manufacture crates, package the works and transport them, recount the day-to-day life of the company and its authentic expertise. Unseen work that deserves this homage.

By bringing art into the heart of the company, these protean works made it possible to forge even stronger ties between Vulcan and its collector and artist friends.

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