Protéger vos oeuvres d'art


Preparing for a wonderful voyage

The journey begins here. It is in the Vulcan warehouses that we manufacture the crates that will protect works of art as they travel from one residence, gallery or museum to another. The preparations are carried out with the utmost care.

The journey begins in the hands of the artisans who build the crates designed to contain and protect priceless canvases, sculptures or furniture. Each one is custom-made in an exacting fashion, as exacting as the gestures of the craftsmen who build them. These craftsmen are known as “layetiers-emballeurs” or box-makers and packers, and they have specialized in packaging artworks and other fragile goods since the age of the French kings. They apply their invaluable expertise to the creation of packaging, some of which is highly sophisticated. The climate-controlled cratesincorporate a hygrometry device that makes it possible to precisely control the humidity level.

Nestled into its custom crate, each artwork is thus ready to safely embark on a journey to a new life in another part of the world.

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