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The best-kept treasures of the art world.

Let’s imagine that Vulcan is a museum or a gallery. A remarkable museum whose works are displayed in private to art lovers, restorers or potential buyers, on request and under optimal display and conservation conditions.

Indeed, Vulcan’s facilities contain artistic treasures stored for a variety of reasons. Whether due to lack of space in a museum, gallery or art restorer’s warehouse, or to protect an original work.

This vast “museum” is divided into “reserved” roomsbetween 16 and 90 m2in size, in which the artworks enjoy the highest level of comfort. Because each painting, sculpture, piece of furniture, priceless article of clothing or ancient book has its own unique needs, each room’s temperature and humidity level can be adjusted, to meet infinitely precise criteria that are crucial for the conservation of a work. As for the security equipment, it incorporates the most reliable, cutting-edge technologies.

Welcome to the best-kept treasures of the art world!

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