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Vulcan Fine Art

Vulcan Fine Art
Transport & Art Storage

Vulcan Fine Art is a renowned art logistics company with international expertise and a network of quality partners around the world. Our services include handling, crating & packing, international shipping, and storage of artwork. Additionally, thanks to our art concierge services and specialized advice, your collections will benefit from all the personalized services you will need.

We will choose together the most appropriate transportation means for your art (whether it be by air, sea and/or road freight) and will take care of it during its shipping. We will employ specialized lifting and handling techniques and will create the most suitable and safest crating and packing possible for your artwork. We will also handle all custom formalities and use highly secured and climate-controlled storage throughout its journey.

We transport fine art worldwide: America, Europe, Africa, or Asia, with regular lines to Paris, London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Basel and Maastricht.

Each work of art is unique

For many decades, Vulcan Fine Art has been recognized as an artwork logistician expert, catering to private and public collectors, museums, auction houses, auctioneers, antique dealers, foundations, galleries, marketplaces, artists, decorators, designers and interior architects.

Specialized in the international transport of art and antiques, Vulcan Fine Art guarantees ultra-secure quality shipping with optimal and constant control of temperature and hygrometry. As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) approved by the World Customs Organization (WCO) we take care of all the administrative and custom formalities and ensure the logistics and transport “door to door” to your homes, art galleries, exhibition halls or museums.

To assure optimal transportation service, your exceptional goods are protected with packaging designed to perfectly fit the shape of each artwork during the move, but also with ideal storage and preservation conditions. Vulcan Fine Art is one of the rare companies offering outstanding services such as home custom-made crating and soft packing. This is part of an eco-responsible approach that aims to favor noble, solid, fair-trade and 100% recyclable materials.

10,000 m²

of art storage in Paris

With 10,000 m² of flexible and customizable art storage space in Paris, Vulcan Fine Art guarantees a highly secure storage of your works of art and collections (video cameras, anti-intrusion alarm system, control and access by badge, SAS for loading and unloading, fire detection and security).

Vulcan Fine Art will also provide you customized services: create your gallery space with secure access, organize presentations in private showrooms, manage your inventories or your online catalog, ask for advice, or look for an expert (in restoration, appraisal, photography, framing, etc.). Our professional specialists are at your disposal for all handling, packing, shipping, hanging and installing of your artworks.

“Your collections (large paintings, antiques, masterpieces, exceptional furniture, monumental sculptures, framed oil paintings, canvas paintings, drawings, design objects, and any other valuables you entrust to us) will benefit from the highest quality and best personalized service in the market.”

Stockage et conservation hautement sécurisée de vos œuvres d’art et collections

Discover in detail the expertise of Vulcan Fine Art

Fine Art Shipping
& International Transport

Vulcan Fine Art is an international art mover. As a recognized art courier, we offer:
  • Transport of works of art
  • Moving of fine art furniture, chandeliers, antiques, etc.
  • Transfer and delivery of valuable items
  • Logistic solutions for museums, fairs, shows, and exhibitions
  • Liaisons with national and international shippers, art handlers and related services
  • Overseas shuttle and courier services
  • Customized packaging and climate-controlled crates, for the protection and conservation of works of art
  • Handling, hanging, unhooking your artworks with “nail to nail” art insurance
  • Authorized Economic Operator Customs
  • Custom declarations, custom clearance and applications for authorization to export artworks
  • Import and export formalities
  • Obtaining cultural property certificates
  • CITES certificates, ATA Carnets
  • Temporary import and export licenses

of works of art

Vulcan Fine Art provides a highly secured warehouse for your artworks:
  • Controlled temperature between 18 and 22 °C (64.4 to 71.6 °F)
  • Constant hygrometric control between 45-55%
  • Customized facilities to ensure optimal safety of your works of art
  • Personalized and modular storage space
  • Art showrooms and private lounges with highly configurable lighting
  • Access to your art works whenever you wish
  • Ultra-secure storage warehouse in Paris
  • 24/7 Security
  • Best equipment and video surveillance systems
  • Ephemeral art gallery
  • Film / Video / Photo shootings
  • Furniture storage
  • Organization of presentations in our private rooms
  • Setting up spaces for decorators or photographers


Vulcan is recognized for its professional know-how, its address book of experts, its international network and its tailor-made services:
  • Management of your collections
  • High-end private art viewing rooms
  • Global coordination and logistic planning of your art projects
  • Inventory services and online catalog production
  • Handling and unhanging artworks
  • Temporary exhibition installations and removals
  • Expert rigging services indoors, outdoors, and public locations
  • All administrative formalities you will need
  • Increase and preserve the value of your artwork (sending to a restorer, receiving an estimate expert or a framing specialist, negotiating a loan or donation, etc.)
  • Taxation and Tax advice
  • Confidentiality and discretion regarding your artworks
  • Assistance in case of inheritance
  • Notary relationships
  • Contacts with designers, decorators and interior architects

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