The art of watching over art

First comes the artistic gesture. Next, the artwork begins to live its life. This gives rise to the protective gesture, which treats the artwork with the utmost care and accompanies it along the many paths it takes. 

Displayed for all to see, or reserved for one person’s private admiration, one day in Rome, the next in Sao Paolo, an artwork can live many lives. A multitude of precise, careful gestures, skilled and delicate, tie these different existences together like a protective veil. 

Guided by the fragility of a painting, the curves of a sculpture, the lines of a vase, hands envelop it, craft it, carry it and lay it down in full awareness of the precious and unique nature of each work. They operate in the shadows, working quietly, completing their exquisite task in the utmost silence. 

It seemed completely natural to us to showcase and pay homage to these gestures and to all of the different kinds of expertise that work together to enable art to travel, all across the world, with dedication and passion.

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